Nevada Treatment Foster Care

Koinonia also offers a growing treatment foster care program in the State of Nevada. This program provides treatment-based foster care to children between the ages of birth through 18 years of age who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect and/or delinquency. Once referred to the program, these children are placed in licensed foster homes where they receive the love and guidance of a caring and committed foster family, as well as treatment planning, counseling, crisis intervention and case management services by bachelor's-level social work (case manager) staff.

The program features a maximum caseload of 10 children/youth per case manager, unless treatment requirements dictate a lesser caseload. The services are designed to slowly reintegrate children back into community settings while maintaining the children in the least restrictive environment possible. To assure high quality homes, meticulous selection of foster parents is practiced and combined with specialized training, and frequent and consistent interaction between foster parent, case manager and other professional treatment staff. This program is generally oriented toward emergency, temporary and long-term placement, reunification, and developing independent living (emancipation) skills.

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