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Over the years we have produced many materials that have been useful for families and community leaders. We are making them available here so you can simply download and use them as you wish.

If you enjoy these free materials and want to help Koinonia make a difference, please visit our Please Help page for many ways that you can help our organization. Did you know that you can contribute to Koinonia without costing you anything? We offer many great appreciation gifts for cash donations, but we also have other beneficial programs that are free to you, including: donating your used goods (we will even pick items up!), registering with eScrip and using your current credit card as you normally would, and purchasing any items from - you will get the same great savings, and we will get a referral award when you follow our link to

Household Chemicals Flyer Are You Absolutely Positive That Kids You Care About Aren't Trying To Get High?
This is a two-sided, tri-fold brochure that addresses the growing trend among junior high and high school students to use household items to get high. This flyer lists some common household items kids are currently using to get high, including hand sanitizer, room deodorizer, green tea, and nutmeg, shares some disturbing facts about this trend, as well as warning signs that someone may be "huffing" (inhaling propellants) and may be using drugs. A number of helpful website resources are also listed, as well as the number for the National Drug Abuse Hotline.
Child ID Card Guidelines for Storage of Poisons, Toxics & Cleaning Supplies
This informative trifold will help you identify different types of hazardous materials in your home, and teach you how store them safely.
Child ID Card Child ID Card
This "Child ID Card" and accompanying instruction sheet enables a parent to fingerprint their own children and make an ID kit complete with DNA samples.
30 Ways to Prevent Child Abduction 30 Ways to Prevent Child Abduction
The possibility of a child being kidnapped is unthinkable, but it does occur. This flyer gives pointers to help minimize the risk of children or teens being abducted. There are tips for children, teens, and parents.
National Hotline List National Hotline List
There are a lot of people with needs; some we can help, while some need more help than we can offer. This sheet lists 1-800 hotline numbers for a variety of issues and concerns including eating disorders, help for runaways, drug abuse issues, a suicide hotline, parental stress, and more.
Safety Awareness Coloring Book Safety Awareness Coloring Book
This 14 page coloring book is designed to help children become more aware of safety issues, including biking safety, internet safety, stranger awareness, etc.
Right Touch, Wrong Touch Right Touch, Wrong Touch
This 9 page coloring book is designed to help children become more aware of the difference between right and wrong touching.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
This is a 2-sided, tri-fold brochure that shares some of the risks for youths surfing the internet. Included are 15 safety tips that can be clipped and posted near your family computer.

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